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Influenced by our upbringing and cultural context, materials can take on diverse meanings. However, these meanings can often be conflicting and changing.

Growing up in Iran as a woman, I became conscious of how language and societal norms objectified me through precious material. This realisation prompted me to embark on a journey of self-exploration, and a deeper connection with the concept of 'precious material,' even if it meant confronting my own objectification.



As an artist, I aimed to redefine the essence of materials through my personal experiences. I deliberately introduced tension and discomfort into my creations, risking my true self and my personal freedom. My research focuses on freedom and breaking down boundaries, and the process of destruction is my way of expressing feelings through the material, especially metal.

My mission is to challenge conventional values and systems that constrain me, believing that  From destruction comes freedom, reapportion and healing. 

As I see it, my work with metal is a performative expression and an exaggeration of emotion, shaping the metal and exploring myself through materials. My vision for silversmithing has shifted since I began using its techniques to manipulate metal. With each new technique, I am learning my understanding and expression of working with metal transform.

my aims are to bring challenge, create a reflective journey and engage the audience in a parallel experience. 

I believe that the potential of metal remains largely untapped, and I aspire to cultivate a culture that embraces precious metal work with fresh perspectives and innovative approaches.

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