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Morvarid is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist based in the UK. She works primarily with silversmithing and jewellery-making. Her work reflects her experiences as an Iranian woman, exploring the intricate relationship between human senses and objects, particularly touch. Through her metalwork, Morvarid challenges conventional notions of material value and experiences. 


Morvarid has been awarded a Silvers Fellowship from Yorkshire Artspace, where she is further developing her practice and skills. She obtained her Master's degree in Jewellery and Metal from the Royal College of Art in 2022, supported by the Behrens Foundation Bursary Scholarship. Following her Master's, she spent a year at Bishopland Educational Trust, during which she was honoured with the Jane Goodman Award and Bursary. Prior to this, she graduated with first-class Hons in Jewellery and Objects from Birmingham City University. Her educational background includes studies in architecture and music.


Group Exhibtion 
  • Exhibition at Cutlers Hall with Bishospalsnd Education Trust 

  • Romanian Jewellery Week 2023

  • Awe and Alchemy, Armagh Group exhibition, 2023

  • Retroperspecive with Bishopsland education, 2023

  • Showcase my work at Jecobs’s Gallery, 2023

  • showcase my work at New Ashgate Gallery, 2023

  • Exhibition at Goldsmith Hall to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bishopsland Education Trust 2023

  • Henly Arts trail by Bishopobsland Educational Trust, 2023

  • Exhibition and demo at Reading Museum 2023

  • Bishopsland exhibition in Clothwoerkers Hall, London 2022

  • Earthseed exhibition with a crucible for New York Jewellery 202

  • Arthsthread online show collaboration with Gucci, 2022

  • Royal College of Art final show, 2022

  • Royal College of Art WIP show, Pump House 2022

  • The Cultural Affairs Exhibition at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig with Ryal Collage of Art, Mizuhiki Project, 2021

  • @ work Gallery, stocklist 2021-Present

  • Ain’t I Am Women exhibition, The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (the picture of the work has been chosen for the exhibition poster ), 2020

  • RHS Rochester Exhibition, 2018

photgraphy credited Julia skupny 

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