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photgraphy credited goerge baggaley 

My practice has empowered me to dream and share my voice.

Through it, I aim for others to experience, feel, and dream with their senses through my work. 


Morvarid's creative practice explores multi-sensory objects crafted from precious materials. She aims to redefine how we interact with objects surrounding us through touch. As an artist born and raised in Iran, Morvarid's work directly addresses social and cultural issues, drawing from her own lived experiences. 

At the core of her artistic expression is the idea that destruction can be a form of creation, a theme that reflects her self-exploration throughout her creative process. With a poetic relationship with the materials, she uses in the process of her making, Morvarid channels an evocative energy into her work, which is to captivate and deeply resonate with viewers' emotions. She introduces a fresh cultural perspective to the interaction with precious Metals.

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